Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tea or Death?

We are seriously out of control with the crawling. Keira has started in on the action but it is more of a 3 steps and roll on her head thing.

I am finally starting to sell/get rid of some of my behbeh stuff. It is going to be sad to see the snap-n-go leave the house. Such a good invention. A good purchase for mothers of twins everywhere, should you need to purchase something for one... I'm selling it to a girl who is 31 weeks along and can't leave her house. Oh, the good-ole-days. Talking to CJ and K about their pregnancies just brings back all of the memories. It isn't that mothers forget everything we went through... we just don't have time to think about it. When I listen to K's worries about the weeks that go by, it makes me more thankful for my girls and my whole motherhood experience. It was a rough journey... but one that was well worth making. *insert little tear here*

Ever watch Eddie Izzard? I'm just thinking of him... and his anglican inquisition... Tea or Death?

Monday, July 23, 2007

When will the gates get here?

The girls are moving. Touching things. Things that shouldn't be touched.
Moving. Seriously.
I know, I know - "Didn't you see this coming?"

Well, let me unleash 2 girls that previously just stayed put on YOUR house and see how you do. (Stacia is excluded from any verbal abuse I may hand out on this topic...)

So, Brad called at 2pm to say the house was "utter chaos" and Ana and Keira were going in different directions. Since then, we've waited impatiently for the baby gates to arrive from Lock-Ur-Kids-Up R Us. Other changes include very sharp, snaggly teeth. Both have two on the bottom.

Both girls are 18lbs 4oz, which also means we need to get around to installing those car seats... although, I don't have the same problems as sweet Amber, who needs to fit 3 car seats straight across in her car...

It is fabulous to see the girls become, well... girls. They're getting big. I've loved every second (there were a few in there that might get a lower rating...) and I'm going to do my best to savor the rest.

More updates always on the way. If you don't hear from me, the girls have taken over and Mommy is in the gate...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I shall bite you with this

So much change. Keira is working on her second tooth, Ana has her first and started crawling... the doctor's visit is tomorrow, so I'll let y'all know the latest.
Teething is brutal. Brutal.