Monday, May 26, 2008

Groundhog Day

"The same things every day slowly kill us off." - Ernst Bloch, The Principle of Hope (1959)

I've waved the white flag and called for help. I can't keep up the pace of a full-time job, twin girls and working on my photo project... along with getting sick every 2 weeks, tending to sick girls and countless house/kitty projects. I waved the white flag to The Hubby with the hope of some relief.
"I'm in GroundHog day", I explained.
Every day is the same. I wake up, girls, work, girls, clean, eat, bed. If I'm lucky, I work on my massive life-time achievement photo project, extra projects around the house or get to read 2 pages of a book before I collapse.
My Hero came to my rescue. He has taken over cooking for the short term... and the towels, sheets and whatever else needs attention. I just need a short term relief from the routine in order to FINALLY build my health back to a reasonable level (ever since the pneumonia, I'm just walking a thin line of health).
The Hubby has been making dinner... not just spagetti or the easy way out... He has made an asian dish with coconut milk, a beef stir fry with oranges and pineapple and is on his way to culinary awards.

So, that brings me to today. The girls are down for a late, late nap. The Hubby is working next to me and I'm about to catalog and process more photos.
I can't wait to see what is for dinner.

Last night Ana asked for a Fork.

She mispronounced it.
That is all I will say.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Good heart and 3 teeth. No shirt!

Update on Ana's heart appointment - She does NOT have a hole in her heart.
Apparently, she just has a really, really loud heart... (and she also has mine).

Funny thing this weekend. I had a friend over for a playdate with her twins. I was marveling at the teeth that filled their little mouths. Wonderful teeth. Teeth that can chew things. Oh to have kids with teeth... Well, Ana cut 3 teeth THAT SAME DAY! I'm thinking of inviting my friend to live with us until both kids get caught up on their teeth count. It is a little sad to see Ana loose the Beaver-look that she had going on.

More on Ana:
She has fallen in LOVE with a blue monkey shirt that Auntie Didi bought for her. It was an oversized boys shirt, but Ana can't go anywhere or do anything without it. (At the doctors office, we had to put the monkey shirt on an actual stuffed monkey animal to console Ana during her EKG, Xray and ultrasound). So imagine Saturday she can't find her shirt. "Where shirt?", she asks in her ridiculously tiny voice.
"Oh, sweetie. The shirt is in the laundry. Sorry about that."
"No shirt? No shirt. No shirt. No shirt"
This went on for hours... except Ana forgot to use the "R" in shirt.

Yeah. My lack of parenting skills really shined when I didn't correct her all day.
No shirt. I wouldn't shirt you.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Am I supposed to know if yaks Moo?

So, Keira and I had our first fight.
You see... she has this alphabet book. Each page has a letter and images that start with that letter. A has an apple, etc. "Y" had a picture of a Yak.
Keira pointed to the Yak and said, "Cow. Moo!"
I lovingly pointed out, "No sweetie. That is a yak. See? It has looong fur and horns. I have no idea if it moos. It might. Anyways, it's a yak."
She looked at me like I was a raving idiot, pointed back at the book and said, "No, no! Moo! Cow!" and turned the page to Z.
I sat in silence for a moment.
Was that our first argument?
That was it?

And she thinks I'm an idiot.
I still have no idea if it moos.