Monday, May 19, 2008

Good heart and 3 teeth. No shirt!

Update on Ana's heart appointment - She does NOT have a hole in her heart.
Apparently, she just has a really, really loud heart... (and she also has mine).

Funny thing this weekend. I had a friend over for a playdate with her twins. I was marveling at the teeth that filled their little mouths. Wonderful teeth. Teeth that can chew things. Oh to have kids with teeth... Well, Ana cut 3 teeth THAT SAME DAY! I'm thinking of inviting my friend to live with us until both kids get caught up on their teeth count. It is a little sad to see Ana loose the Beaver-look that she had going on.

More on Ana:
She has fallen in LOVE with a blue monkey shirt that Auntie Didi bought for her. It was an oversized boys shirt, but Ana can't go anywhere or do anything without it. (At the doctors office, we had to put the monkey shirt on an actual stuffed monkey animal to console Ana during her EKG, Xray and ultrasound). So imagine Saturday she can't find her shirt. "Where shirt?", she asks in her ridiculously tiny voice.
"Oh, sweetie. The shirt is in the laundry. Sorry about that."
"No shirt? No shirt. No shirt. No shirt"
This went on for hours... except Ana forgot to use the "R" in shirt.

Yeah. My lack of parenting skills really shined when I didn't correct her all day.
No shirt. I wouldn't shirt you.

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r2blue said...

You've GOT to be shirting me.