Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mother Superior? Hardly.

This is what my life used to be. Feeding, changing, cleaning, sleeping.
Our Mothers of Multiples group just had a membership drive. More than 7 new pregnant moms showed up seeking knowledge and comfort. They asked questions, took notes and absorbed what I was saying as though I were teaching before a final exam.
"How do you feed two at the same time?"
"What double stroller will I need?" and then the "I'll NEED MORE THAN ONE STROLLER?!"

My girls are almost 2 years old.
Somehow I became the mother of experience. How did THAT happen?
My days are not spent shackled to the changing table (how you can have 2 kids but change 4 diapers in a row is annoying and interesting all at once).

Now this is what my life is.
Enjoying my girls enjoy life. I'm the ambassador to the world.
Today we met a good friend at the mall for some "free" goodies from a store. (If you're reading this, I'm expecting you to blog about your scone pan... Who registers for a scone pan?! LOL!)
We ate bland food at a kid friendly establishment.
The girls napped.

After the nap we ran to my sister's house for good food and fun. We chased the girls around the house and played by the pool.
My sister's kids are now 14 (twins) and 16. She is the voice of experience to my ignorance of what is to come.

I've completed 2 years. I know there is more to go... but I feel like I've accomplished something.
We've entered a new phase.
And I love it.

Funny thing today:
Ana has a HUGE mosquito bite on her leg. I kept telling her not to scratch it.
She would respond with a cute, "Ana... no scratch it."
Ana, please don't scratch it.
"Ana... no scratch it."
So, finally she said, "Ana no scratch it. MONKEY SCRATCH IT."
With that she took her monkey's paw and rubbed her leg frantically.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A, B, C and the rest of em

Believe it or not - Keira knows all of the letters of the alphabet.
She can't sing the song (Ana can sing from A through D... very cute), but she can point to and say every letter.

She even knows the signs for all of the letters (She needs my help moving her little fingers to do "m" and "n"... "i" is pretty impossible at this stage).
I'm totally impressed with my own kid.
(*keep in mind that this blog is for my girls to have written documentation of their childhood... and to brag to my family... )

Keira's love of books... obsession really... has brought us to this point. I have wonderful neighbors, family and friends who donate used books to our cause. Our library is enormous and used each and every day. The current favorites are: Nursery rhymes & Skeeters Alphabet (thanks Gary), Red Riding Hood & the pink nursery rhymes book that is falling to pieces (thanks Lee and Deb)... and of course, the touch and feel ocean series... (again thanks to Lee and Deb).

Keira reads from morning to night. When she is done with a book, she asks for the "other book". (oddah book?)
The girls are learning so fast. I hope I can keep up.

By the way, I'm currently reading 5 books: The Toddler Whisperer, DragonFly, The Mother Tongue, Lamb and a vampire book. I crave my reading time, even though it comes in fits and starts now-a-days. I'm glad we share the passion for books. I can't wait to browse bookstores and libraries together.

No comment

We're a spectacle... I get it.
People can't help themselves when they see twins. The must stare and comment.

90% of the time I welcome the questions, looks and comments. Our girls are beautiful. I'm proud of my entire family and love to show them off.
It is that other 10%...

There are people who perhaps didn't enjoy the process of raising children, have bad attitudes towards children, are lost for words so they say something stupid or they shop at a certain mega-store that attracts idiots.

I'm starting this post because of a rude comment a woman made today at a certain mega store that I have a love/hate relationship with (I mean... they have EVERYTHING there... but the clientele is unimaginable.)

I was looking for flour when two flip-flop wearing women strode by. The bigger one rolled her eyes at my girls and said in an abnormally loud voice for all to hear, "No COMMENT."
She apparently thought the room was stale and said it AGAIN.
She was trying to be funny. I get it.

First, if you said that to ANYONE else in a store - wouldn't that be considered rude?
I don't care that she doesn't want kids... in fact, 99% of the rude-commenting, Mart-shoppers tell me "Better YOU than ME!"
Well... yes. Clearly.
Clearly better me than you.

Mrs. Flip-Flop comic is clearly just an example of the 10%.
During the same Mega-Mart outing I was distracted by massive amounts of socks and noticed an elderly woman staring at me and my girls. She softly told me that she had been staring at them for a long time. They're beautiful, she told me. Yes, why yes they are... thank you.
Keira looked back at her and waved. It was sweet.
It made up for Mrs. Flip-Flop and her lovely attitude.

I'm sure I'll find a need for the Mega-Mart again this week. There are always diapers to be purchased, random ingredients to search for and fruit to be handled.
I'm sure I'll hear something ignorant... but at least it is something I can count on.

The photo above was taken at the Satern-V building in between 2 stages of the restored Satern-V rocket. It is amazing to see and attracts visitors... and so do we.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Speaking in sentences.

By the way, Ana says, "Pickin' the nose."

Very nice.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Goodnight Babyhood, Goodnight Gorilla

I saw my friend's twins today. They're about 6 weeks old. I held onto them and remembered how my girls felt in my arms. Tiny, helpless. Snuggly. Tiny.

I came home today to my girls watching the Olympics, jumping and being silly. Keira "reads" books to us.
"Blllbbllblblbl. BLBLBLBLblbllbbl."

Both looked through "Goodnight Gorilla" a few times and pointed out the balloon, monkey (ok, Gorilla), Lion and "mommy sleeping - shhhh" at the end.
The girls are so big.

CJ has so much to look forward to.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dear Liza, dear Liza.

I need to add an update to my previous post...
The girls did not, in fact, piddle on the carpet.

The potty has a hole in the bottom.
I mean... a HOLE.
I don't ask a whole lot from my potty... but a hole??? REALLY?

The picture of Keira (above) pretty much sums up how I felt about that hole.

By the way... I just heard Ana singing the word MOOOONKEEEEEE. (it is 8:31pm)

Happy Little World sans Piddle

When I go to get the girls in the morning they're sometimes sitting facing each other... legs dangling out of the crib... chatting away.... their own little world.
Even though I made them I'll never know their little secrets they share.

Keira thinks Ana is really funny. Even this evening Ana played "where did Ana go" with the blanket on her head. Keira was laughing almost uncontrollably as she took the blanket off Ana.
They just stared at each other and laughed. Even though I was playing the game with them... I was somehow not included in their world.

I found them in their cribs this morning touching their feet together through the slats of the crib. Another special moment for them.
I'm so glad I have twins. So glad. I'm happy to see them in their little world laughing with each other. I hope they always share that.

Don't get me wrong... having twins has it's hard moments, too... which is why I'm going to clean little girl piddle off of the carpet.
It is hard to potty train two at once... so, I'm left to chasing a naked girl as the other sits on the potty... and then I spend time cleaning up accidents... and I can still hear them chatting on the baby monitor. I think Ana is singing the ABC song... Keira is just singing...

They're in their own little world and I will clean mine.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Something hits the fan

Mommy - "Ana... It is time to get up..."
Ana - "Ana PooPoo."
Mommy - "Ana PooPoo?"
Ana - "Daddy PooPoo."
Mommy - "Daddy PooPoo?"
Ana - "Keira PooPoo."
Mommy- "Keira PooPoo?"
Ana - "Fan PooPoo."
Mommy- "Fan PooPoo?! You have no idea how funny that is."