Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mother Superior? Hardly.

This is what my life used to be. Feeding, changing, cleaning, sleeping.
Our Mothers of Multiples group just had a membership drive. More than 7 new pregnant moms showed up seeking knowledge and comfort. They asked questions, took notes and absorbed what I was saying as though I were teaching before a final exam.
"How do you feed two at the same time?"
"What double stroller will I need?" and then the "I'll NEED MORE THAN ONE STROLLER?!"

My girls are almost 2 years old.
Somehow I became the mother of experience. How did THAT happen?
My days are not spent shackled to the changing table (how you can have 2 kids but change 4 diapers in a row is annoying and interesting all at once).

Now this is what my life is.
Enjoying my girls enjoy life. I'm the ambassador to the world.
Today we met a good friend at the mall for some "free" goodies from a store. (If you're reading this, I'm expecting you to blog about your scone pan... Who registers for a scone pan?! LOL!)
We ate bland food at a kid friendly establishment.
The girls napped.

After the nap we ran to my sister's house for good food and fun. We chased the girls around the house and played by the pool.
My sister's kids are now 14 (twins) and 16. She is the voice of experience to my ignorance of what is to come.

I've completed 2 years. I know there is more to go... but I feel like I've accomplished something.
We've entered a new phase.
And I love it.

Funny thing today:
Ana has a HUGE mosquito bite on her leg. I kept telling her not to scratch it.
She would respond with a cute, "Ana... no scratch it."
Ana, please don't scratch it.
"Ana... no scratch it."
So, finally she said, "Ana no scratch it. MONKEY SCRATCH IT."
With that she took her monkey's paw and rubbed her leg frantically.


Blissfully Teal said...

I love the hats! That MOM group is lucky to have you...AMEN.

me. said...

Crahp - I'm just taking down notes as fast as I can from the mothers of the 3 year olds...