Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Little World sans Piddle

When I go to get the girls in the morning they're sometimes sitting facing each other... legs dangling out of the crib... chatting away.... their own little world.
Even though I made them I'll never know their little secrets they share.

Keira thinks Ana is really funny. Even this evening Ana played "where did Ana go" with the blanket on her head. Keira was laughing almost uncontrollably as she took the blanket off Ana.
They just stared at each other and laughed. Even though I was playing the game with them... I was somehow not included in their world.

I found them in their cribs this morning touching their feet together through the slats of the crib. Another special moment for them.
I'm so glad I have twins. So glad. I'm happy to see them in their little world laughing with each other. I hope they always share that.

Don't get me wrong... having twins has it's hard moments, too... which is why I'm going to clean little girl piddle off of the carpet.
It is hard to potty train two at once... so, I'm left to chasing a naked girl as the other sits on the potty... and then I spend time cleaning up accidents... and I can still hear them chatting on the baby monitor. I think Ana is singing the ABC song... Keira is just singing...

They're in their own little world and I will clean mine.

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