Saturday, August 16, 2008

No comment

We're a spectacle... I get it.
People can't help themselves when they see twins. The must stare and comment.

90% of the time I welcome the questions, looks and comments. Our girls are beautiful. I'm proud of my entire family and love to show them off.
It is that other 10%...

There are people who perhaps didn't enjoy the process of raising children, have bad attitudes towards children, are lost for words so they say something stupid or they shop at a certain mega-store that attracts idiots.

I'm starting this post because of a rude comment a woman made today at a certain mega store that I have a love/hate relationship with (I mean... they have EVERYTHING there... but the clientele is unimaginable.)

I was looking for flour when two flip-flop wearing women strode by. The bigger one rolled her eyes at my girls and said in an abnormally loud voice for all to hear, "No COMMENT."
She apparently thought the room was stale and said it AGAIN.
She was trying to be funny. I get it.

First, if you said that to ANYONE else in a store - wouldn't that be considered rude?
I don't care that she doesn't want kids... in fact, 99% of the rude-commenting, Mart-shoppers tell me "Better YOU than ME!"
Well... yes. Clearly.
Clearly better me than you.

Mrs. Flip-Flop comic is clearly just an example of the 10%.
During the same Mega-Mart outing I was distracted by massive amounts of socks and noticed an elderly woman staring at me and my girls. She softly told me that she had been staring at them for a long time. They're beautiful, she told me. Yes, why yes they are... thank you.
Keira looked back at her and waved. It was sweet.
It made up for Mrs. Flip-Flop and her lovely attitude.

I'm sure I'll find a need for the Mega-Mart again this week. There are always diapers to be purchased, random ingredients to search for and fruit to be handled.
I'm sure I'll hear something ignorant... but at least it is something I can count on.

The photo above was taken at the Satern-V building in between 2 stages of the restored Satern-V rocket. It is amazing to see and attracts visitors... and so do we.


Courtney said...

"Better you than me." I love your response to that. And I totally agree with you. I'm a better mom to my twins than stupid strangers would be. I'm sure they're better at something than I am.

Dang, our kids are lucky to have us.

Wart said...

No comment.