Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Four years on the job

Four years ago this morning, I woke up at an ungodly hour.  I don't think I was even sleeping when the alarm went off.  I took a shower, put on the only shirt that fit me and nervously climbed into the passenger seat of the car.

Brad and I were on our way to the hospital to have our babies.

I remember that the temperature was cool.  I remember that the ride in the elevator was surreal.
The nurses were a hive of activity as I laid on the bed, ready to be transported into the operating room.  Brad put on a gown and waited, anxious and annoyed that he couldn't be with me, as I got an epidural.

The Doctor started explaining what she was doing.  I asked her to withhold a "play-by-play".
I had just spent 35 weeks and 5 days making people, but now I was a spectator.  I would sit back and let the lives I created come into this world.  After the next moment, I would no longer be a spectator or on the sidelines.  I would have a big job ahead of me.  I tried to enjoy this moment.

"Here is Baby A"
(My first thought upon seeing my darling little girl was, "Huh.  I guess that is what my kids look like.  Huh.")

Before I could gather another thought - 
"Here is Baby B"
("Huh.  That one doesn't look anything like the other one.")

I was aware of the instant activity as they whisked Baby A away.  The nurses were making sure that she couldn't struggle to breathe.  Although I was aware that this might be the case, I was increasingly concerned as I kissed the head of Baby B.

I would see my daughters for one more brief moment before I was left to my own recovery.
I touched their feet, noticed their thick hair.  I was aware of a man next to me receiving pamphlets for corrective surgery for his child's cleft palate.

I wouldn't see them again until 9pm that evening.  14 hours of waiting.
I was wheeled into the NICU to start my job in which I had awaited a lifetime.
"Mam, no time to spare.  Each child needs changing.  Let me show you how to change them inside the isolate and then you need to feed them..."

My job had started.
I became a Mom 4 years ago this morning.
Happy Birthday to the two most amazing people I have ever met.
I love you, my baby girls.
You are everything to me.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Peek-a-BOO! There you are!

"POST SOMETHING" is the exact demand I received from my sister.
I know, I know... I haven't kept up with my blog.
Where have I been, you ask?

I've been scanning family and high school photos.
During this summer, I've scanned almost 2,000 high school negatives.

I've found gems of my best friends:

I've also found great old family shots (who gives a baby a cigar?  MY family)

And a few great early shots of my husband (I would say, "pre-gray hair", but he still doesn't have any). Look how cute he is! I really dated him for his awesome sense of humor and sweetness... the good looks were a bonus.

I've also transitioned into a few other rolls this summer. As of this Friday, my roll as "Room Mom" at the daycare is over (yay!). I've added Big-Sis coordinator to my Mothers of Multiples responsibilities, which also include "Web Mistress" (a title I enjoy more than the job).

So, it isn't that my blog has been ignored... it is that I'm trying to prioritize.

Why am I updating now?
My scanner is broken.
I believe that after 6,000+ scanned images, I've finally burned out the bulb...which is shockingly difficult to replace.

With that, I'll promise more updates on the girls and our adventures... until I get the scanner working, again.
I mean, who wouldn't want to see more of THIS?!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Epic Family Trip... Post 1... "Champs"

Our epic family trip was a result of an invitation to see a launch.  
Garrett Reisman was kind enough to give a causeway pass that would allow us to view the shuttle launch from 4 miles away.  

This is Garrett at work.

We turned the launch into a cross country trip with a two night stay in Destin, 

a trip to a party in Cocoa Beach (for Garrett), 

Downtown Disneyland

and Magic Kingdom.

 The girls are excellent travelers.  
They often woke up in the morning asking, “Where are we going today?”

Friday, May 21, 2010

And then we went over here.

I clearly haven't had time to post about our Epic Family Trip to Destin, the Shuttle Launch and Disney World. The post will be fanTAStic... when I have time to write it.

For now, please enjoy an overview of our visit to Magic Kingdom given by the girls after a long, long day. (Video taken from the iiiitty bitty little Disney hotel room...)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bars and Fairies

It occurred to me the other morning that my life is in a constant state of lower standards. I’m not complaining, mind you. This is just an observation. It has probably made me a happier person (not that being happy was ever a problem for me)… but still.

For example, I remember a time in my marriage when I would be genuinely annoyed with my husband for the WAY he folded towels. “You’re 30+ years old, fortheloveofgod,” I would complain. “You can’t take two sides of a towel and fold them together? Seriously?!”

I controlled all aspects of organization and towel folding. I can’t tolerate incompetence in my closets.

Flash forward 4 years and 2 children later:The other morning, I opened the bathroom closet to get a towel and saw all of our towels (for the ENTIRE house, mind you… not just for this particular bathroom) jammed into and falling off of the shelves. My first thought upon seeing the disaster in the bathroom closet was, “awww… he put away the towels… how sweet!”

Lowered bar.


As a new mom, I constantly lowered the bar of expectations for events, daily activities… sleep. I did not get to take my kids home from the hospital on the day I was discharged. My kids were attached to wires and monitored for breathing.

As a mom to twin 3 year olds, I’m constantly lowering the bar for what we wear and expectations for family outings (“This may not go as planned” is still a mantra in our house).

I’m not saying I accept less from life.

I’m saying that I’m constantly redefining priorities. I don’t let things that don’t mater impact my happiness or stress level. (Ana, you want to wear black boy pants with a pink nightshirt to the store? Ok. Get in the car.)

There are things that are still important to me: Spending time with my girls; healthy, planned family meals; time with my husband; a clean kitchen (I can’t give this up)… you get the idea.

… I’m just noticing this bar can go really, really low. I mean... low.

So, I need to sacrifice the rest of what would have been an AMAZING blog ending to fold laundry.

Life moves by so fast. Sometimes you need to lower the bar, chase the fairies and embrace it all.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I think I need training wheels

We're lingering on the last few hours of January, so I'm officially not too late for my second part of my Christmas post. (I realize that it wasn't a cliff hanger, but surely you must have asked, "What about Keira?")

What about Keira, indeed.
We knew what we were going to get the girls for quite awhile. I believe the bikes were purchased a few months early. The bikes were for both girls, but we KNEW that Keira would be the happiest with them.

Keira is funny... she looks like the most dainty little princess on the planet. She is very thin, without muscle tone and she insists on pink skirts and some form of accessory (jewelry or princess shoes)... more to come on that later.

The funny thing is... she is our most adventurous child.
She loves to get dirty, play rough and ride bikes.
She has zero fear and 100% enthusiasm.
I know that one day Keira and Brad will plan massive biking trips to Mexico and the Four Corners.
Ana and I might stay home...

I'm getting ahead of myself, though. Here is Keira on her first big girl bike.

She is looking past me for the next adventure.
I think I'll need parenting training wheels to let her go.