Sunday, January 31, 2010

I think I need training wheels

We're lingering on the last few hours of January, so I'm officially not too late for my second part of my Christmas post. (I realize that it wasn't a cliff hanger, but surely you must have asked, "What about Keira?")

What about Keira, indeed.
We knew what we were going to get the girls for quite awhile. I believe the bikes were purchased a few months early. The bikes were for both girls, but we KNEW that Keira would be the happiest with them.

Keira is funny... she looks like the most dainty little princess on the planet. She is very thin, without muscle tone and she insists on pink skirts and some form of accessory (jewelry or princess shoes)... more to come on that later.

The funny thing is... she is our most adventurous child.
She loves to get dirty, play rough and ride bikes.
She has zero fear and 100% enthusiasm.
I know that one day Keira and Brad will plan massive biking trips to Mexico and the Four Corners.
Ana and I might stay home...

I'm getting ahead of myself, though. Here is Keira on her first big girl bike.

She is looking past me for the next adventure.
I think I'll need parenting training wheels to let her go.

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Sarah said...

Keira is so cute! Isn't it weird how you get totally different kids? Ava is going to be my wild one, I'm afraid...