Friday, October 26, 2007

Mostly Keira. Mostly.

The first thing you'll notice about Keira is her eyes. Blue. Shockingly blue. My friend Mike always asks if they're getting bigger and bluerer. Possible. Keira doesn't have the dynamic personality of Ana. Quite the opposite... she is usually somewhere between pleased and concerned to not thrilled and whiny... and it will switch in a New York second. She has an infectious belly laugh that comes straight from my mother-in-law. Keira becomes bigger than life when she laughs... and she has a fantastic sense of humor for a wee one.

The first thing Keira does in the mornings is point at everything on her way downstairs. She wants to know everything. Ba? Wall. Ba? Kitty. Ba? Stairs.
The last thing she does everyday is look forward to bed. I swear... she hates naps but she loves to lay down in bed. Keira is so good at night when she isn't having night terrors...
Favorite toys - Books. Books and words and anything with a photo. Books, toy cars, puzzles and you should probably have more books. Oh... and playing with the clothes.
Least favorite toy - Most physical things.
Favorite food - Those little hotdoggie things from Gerber, peaches, grapes... and I think just most solid foods. She loves to eat like a big girl.
Least favorite food - Bottle. *insert bad words here* that girl hates her bottle, sippy cup or anything to serve liquids. Total fight most on occasions.
Words - Keira is sticking to "Ba" for now. She is holding firm on "Ba". "Ba" is mastered. She is picking up sign language rather nicely. She can say "more", "all done", "Puppy" and some wax-on-wax-off Karate Kid move that I haven't figured out.

How to sum up Keira? She is a cuddly, inquisitive, silly girl. I've always said that she'll be severly disappointed to learn that she is not an only child. She loves all eyes on her and is perfectly happy to meet anyone.
Most people remark that Keira is beautiful, but few people get to meet the book reader and pointer that we know and love.

Both of our girls are so different. Ying-Yang. They are both beautiful, intelligent and the center of my world. Their differences will become more dramatic as they get older. I hope that they learn to balance the strengths in their relationship and build a solid team. As sisters and twins, they'll be intwined in each other's lives forever. I'm sure it will be amazing once I get them to stop sticking their fingers in each other's mouths...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

All about Ana

I thought I would create a few posts about each girl. It is not hard to notice that they're individuals... it is just hard to implement individualism in a house with young twins. Trust me.

Ana is hard core. I have a quote I tell people. Ana is always really happy... until she isn't. Ana spends most of her day quite content and full of laughter. If she becomes "Angry Ana" it is a bad scene with back arches and the most pitiful cry you've ever seen.

The first thing she does most mornings? Crawl to the bin with the stuffed animals and pull out two flat Gund-things that Marsha gave us and throws her face in them. All in all a nice way to start the day.
Last thing she does every day? As we walk up the stairs Ana runs her hands through my hair.
Favorite toys - Elmo chairs, any stuffed animal, doll house kitty thing, small face cloths and who can forget the lion?
Least favorite toy - Books.
Favorite food - Cheerios, grapes and most things with parmesan on them.
Least favorite food - Texmex and green beans.
Words - Meow ("Brow"), Light (LTTTT), Mommy (MIMIMIMIMI), Uh-oh, Bye-bye (bbbbbeeee)

How to sum up Ana? Hard core baby... or girl. She goes full speed ahead laughing and squealing. She has a look in her eye that makes you think you're missing the joke somehow.
Most people meet Ana and tell me that she is unlike any baby they've ever seen. It used to bother me a bit... Now? No way. You'll never meet anyone like her... not even her twin.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

So, we're up and running?

I just got off the phone with Brad. "We're up and running?" He said this a few times. I think it has hit all of us... ANA IS WALKING. Not the meager 5-7 steps, fall, laugh.
No, right before bedtime she decided to walk all over the living room. She held a squeaky toy in one hand and a bib in the other and walked back and forth. She was really breathing hard and didn't want to stop for a bottle or rest.
Very Brad of her.
She didn't give up when she got tired. Didn't give up when she slammed her face into the Radio Flyer. Didn't give up when I pushed the bottle into her mouth.
She is up and running.

We're packing her sparkling new shoes for the zoo tomorrow.