Saturday, October 13, 2007

So, we're up and running?

I just got off the phone with Brad. "We're up and running?" He said this a few times. I think it has hit all of us... ANA IS WALKING. Not the meager 5-7 steps, fall, laugh.
No, right before bedtime she decided to walk all over the living room. She held a squeaky toy in one hand and a bib in the other and walked back and forth. She was really breathing hard and didn't want to stop for a bottle or rest.
Very Brad of her.
She didn't give up when she got tired. Didn't give up when she slammed her face into the Radio Flyer. Didn't give up when I pushed the bottle into her mouth.
She is up and running.

We're packing her sparkling new shoes for the zoo tomorrow.

1 comment:

Warren said...

so....Brad doesn't like to stop for a bottle either?