Saturday, October 20, 2007

All about Ana

I thought I would create a few posts about each girl. It is not hard to notice that they're individuals... it is just hard to implement individualism in a house with young twins. Trust me.

Ana is hard core. I have a quote I tell people. Ana is always really happy... until she isn't. Ana spends most of her day quite content and full of laughter. If she becomes "Angry Ana" it is a bad scene with back arches and the most pitiful cry you've ever seen.

The first thing she does most mornings? Crawl to the bin with the stuffed animals and pull out two flat Gund-things that Marsha gave us and throws her face in them. All in all a nice way to start the day.
Last thing she does every day? As we walk up the stairs Ana runs her hands through my hair.
Favorite toys - Elmo chairs, any stuffed animal, doll house kitty thing, small face cloths and who can forget the lion?
Least favorite toy - Books.
Favorite food - Cheerios, grapes and most things with parmesan on them.
Least favorite food - Texmex and green beans.
Words - Meow ("Brow"), Light (LTTTT), Mommy (MIMIMIMIMI), Uh-oh, Bye-bye (bbbbbeeee)

How to sum up Ana? Hard core baby... or girl. She goes full speed ahead laughing and squealing. She has a look in her eye that makes you think you're missing the joke somehow.
Most people meet Ana and tell me that she is unlike any baby they've ever seen. It used to bother me a bit... Now? No way. You'll never meet anyone like her... not even her twin.

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