Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Compressed by two rocks and a monkey

I've spent a few of my nights editing videos, posting them to my blog or creating other little projects. I've had a great time and I hope that you'll enjoy some of this week's posts.

I need stop at this point and identify to you (my constant reader) that I have two very distinct groups of friends:

1) I have those friends who are impressed that I edit videos and post them online. Those are the friends who volunteer me for projects or call for my help.
2) I then have the work friends. It is important to know that I work with an impressive group of people - video engineers, video editors, colorists, video operations, etc. When I compare myself to those friends I feel like a monkey smashing two stones together.
"But... you have a degree in photography", you say.
Yes. Still imagery I've got. All over it.
Those movin' pit-ures? Eh...

So, with that long disclaimer, I bring to you a series of videos of the girls. If you are not a family member, you'll probably stop at the first video... If you're my mom, however, you'll probably watch the videos at least 8 times in a row and then call your neighbor to bask in the glory of my children. Who doesn't?

You also must know that as I hit "cut clip" and then compressed the bah-jaysus out of the videos, I actually stammered out loud, "Kirk... forgive me..."

What's going to work, I ask you? The girls know the answer...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Set the bar lower...

This weekend I had a mother of twin girls tell me that she reads my blog.
"It lets me know what to expect," she said.
What to expect...

We expect the late nights with our babies, the teething, the feeding...
We blissfully imagine the holidays with young kids... For some reason holidays stand out as a focal point for most people when you talk about "family".

The perfect picture of children opening gifts with the sound of Christmas carols playing in the background...
Or you can listen to Christmas band music play while watching twin girls wrestle each other to the ground.

Welcome to the world of twins, Tammy.
This is what you can expect.