Saturday, August 16, 2008

A, B, C and the rest of em

Believe it or not - Keira knows all of the letters of the alphabet.
She can't sing the song (Ana can sing from A through D... very cute), but she can point to and say every letter.

She even knows the signs for all of the letters (She needs my help moving her little fingers to do "m" and "n"... "i" is pretty impossible at this stage).
I'm totally impressed with my own kid.
(*keep in mind that this blog is for my girls to have written documentation of their childhood... and to brag to my family... )

Keira's love of books... obsession really... has brought us to this point. I have wonderful neighbors, family and friends who donate used books to our cause. Our library is enormous and used each and every day. The current favorites are: Nursery rhymes & Skeeters Alphabet (thanks Gary), Red Riding Hood & the pink nursery rhymes book that is falling to pieces (thanks Lee and Deb)... and of course, the touch and feel ocean series... (again thanks to Lee and Deb).

Keira reads from morning to night. When she is done with a book, she asks for the "other book". (oddah book?)
The girls are learning so fast. I hope I can keep up.

By the way, I'm currently reading 5 books: The Toddler Whisperer, DragonFly, The Mother Tongue, Lamb and a vampire book. I crave my reading time, even though it comes in fits and starts now-a-days. I'm glad we share the passion for books. I can't wait to browse bookstores and libraries together.

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If I read your the titles of your reading list real fast, oh nevermind.