Friday, May 9, 2008

Am I supposed to know if yaks Moo?

So, Keira and I had our first fight.
You see... she has this alphabet book. Each page has a letter and images that start with that letter. A has an apple, etc. "Y" had a picture of a Yak.
Keira pointed to the Yak and said, "Cow. Moo!"
I lovingly pointed out, "No sweetie. That is a yak. See? It has looong fur and horns. I have no idea if it moos. It might. Anyways, it's a yak."
She looked at me like I was a raving idiot, pointed back at the book and said, "No, no! Moo! Cow!" and turned the page to Z.
I sat in silence for a moment.
Was that our first argument?
That was it?

And she thinks I'm an idiot.
I still have no idea if it moos.


Warren said...

You dork. Keira's right AND wrong. A yak is a member of the bovine family, but apart from grunting when agitated, hungry or calling their young, they make no sound at all. PAY ATTENTION MAURA!!!!

maura said...

OMG - you rock.
If she would have said THAT... well, then I would have given it to her...

sega31098 said...

Yaks don't moo. They only make grunts.