Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So I took time off... sue me.

Ana, Keira and cousin Quinn
I know, I know... I've been busy... OK?

Here are the updates

Hubby - B is doing MUCH better with his palsy since he has started using the apnea machine. Apparently people need a good night's rest with higher levels of oxygen. Who knew? We're using his disability time as family time. I'm getting really used to seeing him at night... it will be extremely hard to give that up.

Me - Since I've had the girls I feel as though I'm always chasing the clock, burning the candle at both ends, self eating watermellon... whatever you want to call it. As soon as my alarm goes off, I'm trying to keep up with the billion things that will happen before the day's end. Of course, this leads me to "night time Mommy". "Night Time Mommy" likes to stay up late. I've never been a night person, but the freedom I get after 9pm... when I get to eat dinner... it is just amazing. I want to read, watch tv, stay up too late... and then... well, "Morning Mommy" just hates the hayll out of "Night Time Mommy".

Girls - They're getting SO BIG. Big needs to be defined as growing up... both girls are still hovering at the 21lb mark and are almost 20 months.

Ana - Ana is SO CLEAR when she speaks. New words happen daily, with the latest being table, water and puppy. I really can't stress how clearly she speaks. So cute. Her favorite toys are her monkey, penguin, baby dolls in the stroller and small towels which serve as blankets for all of the above. Her favorite activity is gymnastics. She'll hang from just about anything. Including the stove. Which doesn't lock. You really only need one time to learn that lesson...

Keira - Keira is still facinated with books and movies. She has taught Ana how to wrongly say "movie" ("MOO-NEE"). This is where that twin speak comes into play, I believe. She is quite possibly the funniest little girl ever. She makes funny sounds, has the oddest dance ever and laughs at almost anything. Her latest life lesson was that you can, indeed, fall into a pool. (Good save, Daddy)

I'm sorry for taking a long time off, Constant Reader. Hubby's palsy took a little out of us already this year. We've also said goodbye to too many family members this year. They will always be part of us. I'm looking forward to telling stories of my "crazy Auntie Joan" to my girls when they're ready for it... which will put them into their 20s to reeeeally be ready. This year also brings good news to friends and family as I watch the closest people in my life bring new wee ones into the world. Good thoughts to Jenn, KT, Sheri, C, CJ, Trish and Linda and the wee ones they're bringing to this wonderful world.

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Lady Margot said...

Adorable little girls. You have reservations at the convent for them when they turn into teenagers right? Or at least have stocked up on meds (and heavy duty locks for the doors and windows):}.
I totally understand that whole morning/evening thing (even if I only have 20 cats and one husband - not sure which is worse). But I'm reversed right now - can't wait to sleep but am up at the crack of dawn. Not fun. Sigh!