Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tea or Death?

We are seriously out of control with the crawling. Keira has started in on the action but it is more of a 3 steps and roll on her head thing.

I am finally starting to sell/get rid of some of my behbeh stuff. It is going to be sad to see the snap-n-go leave the house. Such a good invention. A good purchase for mothers of twins everywhere, should you need to purchase something for one... I'm selling it to a girl who is 31 weeks along and can't leave her house. Oh, the good-ole-days. Talking to CJ and K about their pregnancies just brings back all of the memories. It isn't that mothers forget everything we went through... we just don't have time to think about it. When I listen to K's worries about the weeks that go by, it makes me more thankful for my girls and my whole motherhood experience. It was a rough journey... but one that was well worth making. *insert little tear here*

Ever watch Eddie Izzard? I'm just thinking of him... and his anglican inquisition... Tea or Death?

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