Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bone Crushing

I am so tired today. Ana kept me up all night, which is unusual... and then she did a "big barf" all over me this morning- while wearing my work clothes - with a huge meeting first thing in the morning. I felt so bad for my little wee one. She is so sweet and it kills me to see her uncomfortable... even if I have to take a second shower to remove the rancid smell of milk off of me.

Where was I? Oh... tired. So tired lately that I haven't felt like updating you on their weights - 19.8 and 19.9.

What else is new? Keira has two top teeth! It is a bloody, painful nightmare apparently. Poor babies. Being wee is so hard!

I'll update all y'all more later. I'm just too tired.
A mother of multiples one told me (as I was about to give birth) that I would experience a tired like I had never felt before. Bone crushing tired. The first few months were rough, but this is the kind of tired that goes with the drudgery of the nightly routine, lack of sleep or free time and a lingering holiday with relatives looming on the horizon. This is the kind of tired that comes with long work weeks with new bosses. This is the kind of tired that you count the moments until the kids go to bed, so you can just lay on the couch but instead you decide to update your blog because you're so tired you're too stupid to eat and take care of yourself.
Bone. Crushing. Tired.

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