Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Be careful out there... apparently...

Brad is back on his busy, busy work schedule. They play summer performances around town, which are called the "Sounds Like Fun" series. It couldn't be a less appropriate phrase. The ridiculously named series has a matching shirt that the musicians have to wear. A bright red shirt with the catchy slogan.

I love calling out to him, "Sounds like fun!" as he walks out the door. I've loved doing that for years.

Ana's "thing" lately is to close the door for Brad as he leaves for his concert. She holds the door open until he closes the main garage door behind him.
"Watch out for the booby-traps!, "Ana calls out.

She is insistent on closing the door and warning him of the peril that awaits as he goes to his concert.
"Watch out for the booby traps... and alligators... and... and... and the booby traps!"

Yes. Apparently, you need to put on your tight, red embarrassing shirt and watch out for the booby traps, honey.
Doesn't THAT sound like fun?

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Diane said...

Even I don't do that to my musicians! They should tell managment that there is a significant side-eefect to wearing a screaming bright tshirt while see, you can only play at volumes that are representative of the brightness of the shirt. That is why they usually wear black...because black encompasses all spectrums of color...therefore, they are able to play appropriatley for any musical situation.