Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boom goes the dynamite

Did you ever see that YouTube Boom goes the dynamite guy? I've been saying that phrase all day. I had a few friends come over this weekend to see behbehs and look at scrapbooks, etc. All and all a nice weekend. I'm WAY behind on my housework, but boom goes the dynamite.

Keira has a followup heart appointment tomorrow, just to make sure that everything is good. Ana's "big head" followup is on Tuesday. Her little body is only 3% and her head is 95%, so we need to track her progress.

Both of the girls are doing great. Keira started saying "papapa" and LOVES to sit up like a big girl. Ana found happiness with green beans, a blue balloon and Daddy coming home from his biking trip.

More updates after the doc. appointments this week!

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