Sunday, April 29, 2007

What's the name of that show? "I hate my life?"

(Auntie Didi with Ana and Keira)
I've been trying to catch episodes of that show... you know... where the couple has twin 6 year olds and 6 - 2 year olds? Yeah. That show makes me feel awesome about my life. My friend, Mike, was horrified at the show... He kept saying, "What is the name of that show? 'Kill me now?' What?"

We're getting into the grove, here in The White House. We're learning to head off the meltdowns before they happen (and we tend to laugh when Keira cries... she has such a little button nose!). We now know that the key to make Ana stop crying is just Daddy... that and her lion. Keira will immediately cease crying when I sing "How much is that doggie in the window"... which is ironic, since most people cry WHEN I sing...

I went to the 2nd Annual Engineering party this weekend. I caught all the bugs between here and Jamaica Beach with my new car. The girls were great. They fell in love with Rex (looks like a young Santa) and Keira fufilled her dream of being the center of attention.

Nana and Oopa came to the house on Sunday for dinner, bringing enough clothes to last through their birthday. I know that Nana likes to shop, but I think that it must be said - if Nana didn't buy clothes, our girls would be naked.
And Matt... if you're out there... good luck with that cauliflower ear thing. That's nasty.

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