Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Family 0, Ike 2... if you're keeping score, that is...

On the Tuesday before Ike, Brad and I found ourselves on the Kemah Boardwalk with the girls. We live so incredibly close, but we've never taken the girls there to run around.

It was a beautiful night. The boardwalk was almost empty.
Ana made her mosquito bite bleed and the wonderful girl at the Kemah Inn gave her a band-aid. So nice.
We went to the Candy Store to buy another Monkey (to replace Ana's precious Monkey should anything happen to him). No monkies that matched, but we managed to sort through all of the kitty stuffed animals.

I made a mental note to go back and get a kitty for Ana.
I ran to a store to check for another possible Monkey and when I came back, Brad was feeding the girls fudge. Big hit.

We watched a little girl play in the fountain.
We walked on the boardwalk and felt the evening breeze.
We watched a pelican eat a few fish.

The family had a great time. We vowed to try to make it down to the boardwalk every other Tuesday or so. Maybe every Tuesday? Sure!

Less than a week later the boardwalk is in shambles. (photo credit: Daniel Kramer)

So... if you're keeping score... I went to Galveston... 7 days later - GONE.
I went to Kemah... 4 days later - GONE.

I'm now in fear for Austin... we went there during the hurricane...
And by the way... I never made it to the store to buy that kitty for Ana...


Teal Marie Chimblo said...

Holy crap! You are almost as bad as our old roomate Dax...he went to China...earthquake (hit the town he was IN the day after he left), accepts a job back in Houston...well, we can see that havoc he caused with that decision.

Quit it you two!

Warren said...

Further playdates are now on indefinite hold.