Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Underrated Non-Dominant Arm

So, I broke my arm in two places during our "Let's Relax" vacation.
There is a story, but that is not important right now.
What IS important is the fact that - my arm is broken.
Awesome pink cast.
Not awesome lack of finger movement.

Considering that I have 2- 2 year olds, this is not good at all. I remember an episode of one of the super-twins shows where "Kate" says that her biggest fear is being injured and not being able to take care of her family. I now understand that statement. I am so fortunate to have a husband who has embraced fatherhood and who can pick up where my duties fail me, a sister who comes over just to make sure that I can lift my girls out of their cribs and countless friends who offer help.

Gratefulness out of the way - this blows.
My current nemisis' are ziplock bags, sippy cups, the button on my jean capris and deoderant on my right underarm.
My coworkers are working on writing on my cast. I've told them that I will only accept haiku and limericks about broken arms. I've received quite a few so far... some are even rated "G".

Answers to questions: Sandia Peak, Yes it hurts, 6-8 weeks and Yes - it sucks.

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DaddyO said...

At least you did not break your sense of humor