Sunday, December 21, 2008

Order now and get your free seizure

I fell off the blog-wagon for a little bit. I'm afraid life caught up with me for a few months. It caught up to me, tackled me and then spat in my face for good measure.

After breaking my arm, I thought to myself, "2008 really sucked."
The afternoon of the DAY that I had that thought Ana had a seizure.
3 Doctor's appointments, 1 EEG and 20,000 tums later - we find out that the Doctors can't find anything wrong.
That is a good thing.
My pediatrician said something that I've hung my hat on these last few months - "Everyone gets a free seizure." With that, as long as Ana goes a year without a seizure, we're probably home free.

2 days after Ana's seizure, my dad had a stroke. I told him that he was a copy-cat and shouldn't try to take Ana's thunder, but he wanted to go to the hospital, have tests and a good chunk of stress, too! (He kept asking about Ana while he was going through all of this - silly man).
During the same week, my sister broke a few toes and my mom missed her 3rd root-canal.

Now that everyone has recovered from Oct-Nov, I can safely say that we're all okay.
We're lucky.
I feel like the H family has dodged a few bullets this year... and I'm so, so glad that we're all still okay. (I'm not leaving the house until 2009, but whatever).
Ana is great, Dad is great, I'm going to physical therapy a few times a week, Brad is starting to play again, Diane hasn't broken any additional toes and Mom's mouth is almost worth as much as my car.

I'll update the blog with actual FUN stuff that has happened the past few months.
Not all of 2008 sucked.
Not all, indeed.

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