Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Planets aligned

There are events when all the planets align and everything works out perfectly. This is not quite one of those stories.

For the past 3 weeks, my nanny has been on vacation in Ecuador. I've shifted my work schedule (thanks to the world's best boss) and taken the "morning duty" with my beautiful offspring. I've had a GREAT time. We've visited the library, worked on art projects, had playdates, shopped... pretty much had a beautiful time. At 1:30pm I would report to work and work until I dropped. I would come home, clean and collapse at 11pm.

About 2 days into the 3 week adventure, we received a notice from my work daycare that we were accepted into the program. We've been on the waiting list since I was 3 months pregnant, so this was an enormous opportunity.
Unfortunately, we needed to accept the 2 open positions and start paying in 2 weeks.

Today was our very first day in daycare.
I have to admit... I was quite worked up about the transition for the 2 weeks leading up to the event. We worked VERY hard on potty training and I even had a monkey stuffed animal "planted" in the classroom for Ana to find. Bags were packed, items were marked with names, 8 billion forms were filled out.

As it turns out, today was "Princess Day". So, yesterday I dutifully bought 2 princess costumes complete with shoes for their big Princess Parade today. It REALLY helped ease the transition into school. In fact, it seems that the girls had a great time today. Keira jumped right into the mix with the other kids. Ana found the "planted" monkey and also had a great day.

My fears of their possible unhappiness or lack of bladder control were laid to rest. For now.
I kept telling myself that I was silly.
I mean... NASA Daycare.
They're behind 4 sets of security (including armed guards), they have a wonderful teacher, the school is solar powered and has unprecedented IT support.
I mean... what is my PROBLEM?

Well, Brad pointed it out when I didn't see it.
1 milestone down.
You see, we took one giant leap forward today. And although I always wish for the days of older kids who can run around the world and creation with me, I must first say goodbye to my babies... who have already grown up so much in the past 2 years however-many-months. I'm also saying goodbye to our nanny, who has been part of the family for just as long.

So many changes.
In the end, everything is working out. After a rough month of activity and massive change, we're on the verge of settling into a routine.
The girls will love the activities that the school has to offer and the social interaction with other kids their age.

Goodbye babies, hello big girls.
They grow up so fast.

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Teal Marie Chimblo Fyrberg said...

That is a tear jerker...milestones are so wonderful and so hard sometimes. My mom's special song for me growing up was, "Where are you going my little one?" Do you know it...check out the words they are really poignant.

Glad to see you guys doing so well and how beautifully your girls are growing!