Wednesday, October 21, 2009

12 months later

A girl from my Mothers of Multiples group posted a note to our forum - one of her triplets had a seizure of unknown origin. My name was thrown out as a point of contact for neurologists, tests and someone who understands.
Remember when I told you that if Ana didn't have another seizure in a year that she was likely home free?
The year has past. *insert cheer here*

I'm sorry for my friend who now has the worries and the stress that follows any parent with a sick or hurt child. My heart breaks for her and a few other friends who are falling asleep to the sounds of their minds spinning out of control with stress for their child.

Brad and I talked about Sam's daughter and thought back to last year.
This time last year, we had dodged a hurricane, I broke my arm on a family vacation, Ana had a seizure and Brad was on disability. When you consider losing your home or a broken arm the least of your worries, you're probably having a bad year. Like my friend Will says, "if you have a neurologist on speed-dial, life is not going according to plan..."

I'm so thankful for every good day we have right now.
Every day is good.

Life is good when your biggest worry is telling your husband that "Twilight" is the next movie to arrive in your Netflix que.
Life is good when your biggest aggravation is waiting for the rain to stop long enough to install a swing set in the back yard.
Life is good when your worry about putting your little girls to sleep isn't if she'll be okay in the morning... the worry is if she'll make you read that Dr. Doolittle book AND the Teen Titans book... for the billionth time.

Life is good when you don't even care that it is raining at Seaworld, because you know that Shamu will get you anyways and you brought a change of clothes.

Life is good.

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Courtney said...

I have tears in my eyes! Life is so good for us, too, Maura, and who would have thought we'd both be saying that?! I'm particularly nostalgic as I look to attending our NICU reunion this weekend. 3 years (and a month) since we left that place (the first time). Life is SO MUCH easier and better now. Hugs to you and yours!