Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catching up on adventures

The past few months have been filled with adventures.
We've visited Seaworld TWICE! Both trips were huge successes.
The girls are a great age for Seaworld. We spend most of our time (and money) feeding various animals.

On the first trip, we were greeted by Penguin characters at the door and were feeding dolphins within 10 minutes.

On the second trip, we fed birds. Keira LOVED it. Ana... not so much. Apparently, the birds do not like to be pet like a cat. They'll bite you as a reminder if you try. Ana was reminded twice.

The Seaworld trips were our first family trips by ourselves (not to a family member's house). We put the girls on a mattress between the beds in the hotel room. They stayed in their beds and were (for the most part) great.

It is SO easy to pack now that they're older. I didn't need to worry about extra baby items. They girls are grown kids. Such a life change.

We've really loved traveling as a family. We can't wait to go back to Seaworld and also on other family adventures. For now, though, we're all a little tired.

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