Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Didi!

Diane, Stacia, Billy.  Diane looks... concerned.

This is what I know about my sister Diane:

  • It is her birthday today.  This is her present.  Yeah, not so good to be my sister this year, huh?  Don't worry...Christmas is going to rock.  I bust arse on that.  Usually.  Sometimes.
  • She bugs me a lot about updating my blog.  (Your birthday wish has come true, Didi.)
  • I call her Didi.
  • She was not impressed when I came into this world when she was 5 1/2 years old.  In fact, even when I was older I would bug my mom into FORCING HER to take me to the mall.  She hated it.
Diane, Stacia and wee little me

  • She talked me into keeping her smelly guinea-pig in my room when I was 6.
  • Didi and I started spending most of our time together when she hit college, where she: tried to get me electrocuted and mauled by giant rabbits in one go; introduced me to crappy college beer; taught me how to drive a standard; brought me to bars; let me march in her place with the Rice Mob.  Good times.

  • She has an infectious laugh.  If she really gets going, she stops breathing all together and turns bright red.
  • She also turns red if you poke at her or pretend to poke at her.  She hates this.  I would not recommend it.
  • Didi can beat teen-age boys (and anyone else) in Wii boxing.  While intoxicated.  

  • She once brewed her own beer.  It is still the only beer I truly enjoyed in my life.
  • She makes magnificent braided bread and can cook the pants off of anyone I know.
  • Left to her own devices, she will eat only carbs to sustain herself.  And mustard.  
  • Didi always seems to own crazy, tiny dogs that obsess over her. 

  • Her house is impeccably decorated.  She inherited this from my mom.  I did not.
  • She is Auntie to 2 sets of twins and one very crafty, funny college boy.
  • She has embraced being the "funny" Auntie that fills them with sugar and makes "snowman poopy" jokes.  It's a hit.
  • Her favorite joke starts, "Why don't sharks walk on land?..."
  • Her most annoying habit is eating popcorn... each piece of popcorn... in multiple, open mouthed, teethy, crunchy, annoying effing bites.  She loves popcorn.  She'll eat a bucket in a theater... just to bug me.
  • She likes to bug me.
  • She has more degrees than I can count... even from ivy-league universities. It's impressive.
  • I never tell her I love her enough.
  • I love her.

(Both of my sisters - Diane and Stacia)

Happy Birthday, Didi!


Diane said...'s all true...

I was not impressed with the addition of this screaming pooping baby in the 70's...hey that makes you pretty old, too.

Sorry Mom...I did take her to bars at Rice and ya' I made her march in my spot at a football's Ok...we're both one noticed...

Diane said...

My little dogs now are elevated to official granddoggies...that rank as much BDay presents from the grandparents as the kids...

What's no to love a bout being an auntie...make the kids crazy and then hand them back to the parents...beautiful arrangement...

I'm sorry, are you trying to provoke me into saying that I love you too?

Hmmm...we'll see how that works out for you...

Might as well say'll make Mom make me say it...

Love you, too.