Friday, January 20, 2012

Good news. It's not a train.

I am a long time lurker of quilt blogs, book blogs, twin blogs and the like.  I started my own blog to tell the girl's stories to my distant family members.  It morphed to be a little online record of my girls...and then I promptly ignored it to pursue other interests... mainly quilting, reading and raising twins... not in that order.

It wasn't until my friend Kellie (a famous quilt designer and blogger) said, "Oh, this is my friend Maura... but she doesn't have a blog" that I blinked.  I have a blog, I thought.

Do I dare take the plunge into blogging about my quilting projects or reviewing books that I have read?
Is this another happy symptom of my girl's age and growing independence at age 5?

Just a few years ago, which can be measured with my children's
A lifetime ago, I would NEVER have imagined having "free time" in which to quilt, read and post on the internet.  Life was a brutal struggle of basic needs and daydreaming of sleep.

A lifetime ago, I didn't need a date night.  I NEEDED someone to watch my kids so that I could take a nap.
Books?  HA!  Quilting?  Can you do that instead of shower?

Is a new life really here?  Am I really back as a person?
Please note the shirt says, "Yes, I have my hands full."
It seems that I'm picking up long abandoned projects.  Reading books that have been on my list since... well... we won't count decades here.  Depressing.
Reading a book about raising kids to the girls (2006).  It was not effective.  They didn't get it.

Me at the International Quilt show with the girls in 2007.
I see the light at the end of the baby-years tunnel... and it was not a train.


seussgirl said...

So I have about 2 more years til the end of the tunnel? Good to know. :) Also, I NEED that hands full shirt!!!
Thanks for showing us there is a way out of the trenches!

Jen said...

Maura, you give me hope. :)

Amanda said...

So you're saying I'll make it through the 3s? Everyone kept telling me it would get better at 6 months. They didn't tell me it would turn back around at 2 1/2. Are you sure it's not a train?

I need that shirt, too!

Thimbleanna said...

Woohoo! You're entering the BEST years IMHO! A little more independence and a whole lotta fun! And...time for you! I look back and think those years before the teen years I got a lot more done. Maybe it's just that I'm older and slower LOL!