Tuesday, September 9, 2008

... File is Saving...

When Brad and I were dating in High School we found ourselves in the middle of a perfect moment. We had a great day at school and were walking across the grass practice field on our way to the parking lot. The sun was setting as we walked and held each others hands. We didn't know at that time that we would spend the rest of our lives together, but we KNEW that we would always remember each other. Brad told me at that moment that it was a perfect High School Memory. I saved that moment deliberately. Our Perfect High School Memory is made even more perfect knowing that it happened over 20 years ago and started a lifetime of happiness.

On Saturday we inadvertently created the Perfect Family Memory.
We brought the girls to the beach for the first time. The weather was perfect. The water was perfect. All in all a perfect day.

We parked on the beach and set our belongings on a ridiculously expensive beach chair. The girls were very distracted by all of the sand. Walking on sand is fun... hey... playing with the sand is fun!

It was Keira who first noticed the water, but Ana who walked in first.
Let the squealing being.
Ana squealed often out of sheer joy.

The girls progressed from walking into the water to wanting to be part of the waves in no time. The Hubby and I picked up the girls and let the water splash on their bellies.
After awhile Brad sat down in the water to play with the girls.

Ana decided that she needed to run freely in on the Beach. She ran up and down the beach tirelessly, only stopping to play in sand or point to a bird. So much squealing.

We didn't want to leave. It was the perfect day.
I'll file this day into my "Perfect Family Memories" in my mind. I hope I have more room in there...


Kate said...

They are SO CUTE!!

Teal Marie Chimblo said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.