Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick thoughts... and body functions.

Looks like the house might not be flooded.
We don't know about wind damage
It's the girl's 2nd Birthday
Let me state that last one again... It is ANA AND KEIRA'S 2nd BDAY! WHOOHOOO
We can't get back to our house for 48 hours
The cats are FREAKING OUT
Fergus peed on Tracy's guest bed
Ana threw up in the middle of the night
Fergus peed on ME as I slept on the floor in the middle of the night.
All of the cats tried to get into the closet
Cats were awake all night.
Many of my friends lost their homes, etc.

I'm lucky - I'm in Austin with power and A/C. I am drinking hot coffee. The family is safe.

Please keep Will, Dom, Vanessa, Tibonne and everyone in your thoughts.

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Lady Margot said...

2nd Bday! Such a special event! Congratulations to the girls - they are so cute!