Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike is beating us like we're Tina.

A week to the day from my last post (fun on the beach), I sit and wait as the ocean takes my home. There are so many emotions... there is my "who cares, it's just stuff" emotion conflicting with my "I really don't want to deal with this" emotion.
It is 8:35pm. I think there is already water in my home.
I also think about work... Ugh... I'm so worried about work.
I worry about my friends and their homes.
I worry about the Cuipers - and I'm so thankful for their hospitality and love.
I worry for my girls. Why didn't I move ALL of their toys upstairs? Why?
I wish I could just take my kitties and daughters home. I want to pet Fergus in his cat box, put the girls to bed in their own beds, see Chad on the chair and lay down on the bed with Kije.
I wish that so much.
I wish.

Most of my emotions are all over the place.
At the same time as I morn for my normal life, I am grateful to be safe and sound with my family. I think of my good friend's wife, who is starting her battle with cancer this week.

I'll update everyone later.

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Teal Marie Chimblo said...

I'm so sorry Maura. I can't tell on the news what is going on with your home, but I know Seabrook in general is not good. Hoping for something better for you and glad you are all safe and sound. Fucking hurricanes.