Saturday, July 19, 2008


Three days after my college graduation I packed my apartment, dropped off all of my belongings at my parents' house and headed to California to help my sister with her new twins. I spent my entire summer getting up in the middle of the night for feedings, changing diapers and more of the same for Eric and Sean. I cried the entire plane ride home - I already missed those sweet boys.
A few memories stick with me: How sick Stacia looked, how tired I was and how cute the twins and their brother were. Sean had a hysterical cry that would make a grown up panic.

Due to crazy family schedules, Sean was in my care once again for a few days. He is now 14, so he is pretty much self sustaining. The first night he wanted to stay out late with his friends, but I played the part of the grownup and made him come home by 8pm (his mom's rule). I was glad to have his mom's rule as an excuse to have him at the house.
I took Friday off to take Sean to the rock climbing gym. The Hubby and I showed Sean as much as we could remember from our rock climbing days. He was a natural. The workers kept asking Sean to join the local climbing group. I was so proud.
We spent our evenings watching movies that probably aren't fit for a 14 year old (I'm still working on my parenting skills... I'm sure his parents will figure it out when he quotes those movies... and it will be another proud moment for me...)
On Saturday he humored us by coming with us to the Dog Show. My twin girls were wearing matching pink outfits and received all of the standard attention that twins receive when they're out and about. Sean smiled as people asked the standard questions of my twins. Being a twin, he is used to all of the questions and looks. He enjoyed his time as a singleton.

My brother-in-law came home early from his trip. While Sean was at a friend's house, Pat came by to pick up Sean's clothes. The Hubby and I already had the evening with Sean planned... we were going to eat dinner and watch "Nacho Libre" - probably pausing the movie to run to the kitchen for cookies. When Pat left with Sean's belongings, I felt a little cheated and sad. I had already planned to have Sean another DAY! I know that Sean lives close, but to get 1:1 time with him is rare... almost impossible. I loved having alone time with Sean and I realize that I should try to take time off of work to spend 1:1 time with Matt and Eric, as well.

Time is passing so fast. The boys will be grown and gone soon. It makes me sad to think how soon they'll be gone. It seems like he was that hysterical baby not so long ago and now he is this wonderful young man... and I feel like I'm still sitting on the airplane crying because I miss them so much.

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