Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Zipper Rosary with 4 Hail Marys

The Hubby put the girls down for their nap at 1:30pm. I watched from the nannycam. I saw Ana handing The Hubby stuffed animal after stuffed animal. He'll carry her animal entourage upstairs and put each one in her crib.
I knew each passing of an animal to Daddy was followed by a cute "Tan-Tao" (Thank you).
Monkey? Tan-tao.
Mouse? Tan-tao.
They climbed up the stairs and out of the view of the nannycam.

A little while later The Hubby called me at work.
The girls didn't want to nap.
Hubby went in the room to check.
Keira naked.
She had removed 1 shirt, 1 pair of pants, 1 diaper and all of our confidence that she could be confined in clothes.

We're petrified.
We're holding onto our zip-up one piece footy sleepers and are praying that her nimble little fingers won't figure out the zipper.
Please God... please don't let her figure out the zipper.

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Kate said...

M's niece was a master of getting out of her clothes. Especially in the back of the car. After she got herself out of the carseat. While they were driving. Ok, have fun!