Sunday, July 6, 2008

Honey. I'm home?

When I walk through the door after work I never know what I'll see. Perhaps the house will be clean and everyone is outside playing. Usually there is a great deal of laughter and the entire downstairs is in shambles.

I know that we all go through periods of "creative parenting" when we get bored, but The Hubby takes it to new levels. I've walked through the door to see tennis on the Tennis Channel and the girls chasing balloons with homemade rackets (The Hubby glued paper plates to paint mixing sticks).

The other day The Hubby chased the girls around upstairs while quoting Jack Nicholson from The Shining.

"Honey. I'm HOME."

The girls would yell and squeal as only girls can and run from him.
Pretty soon Ana picked up on what he was saying and joined in with her impossibly small voice, "Honey. I'm HOME."

Today was the Men's Finals at Wimbledon. The Hubby had the girls shouting, "NO NADAL! YES FEDERER!" like good little tennis enthusiasts.

These are the moments that you don't imagine as you're expecting your child and planning your future. You think of the logistics and perhaps you'll think of the "special" holidays (Christmas and the whatnot), but you don't think of these moments... the moments when you walk in the door and don't know what you'll see.

The moments when your sweet 1 year old children quote The Shining.

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Wart said...

...and those proud instances when your son recreates Harold and the Purple Crayon 24" from the baseboard, ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE. Except he's not Harold and it's not a crayon. He's Nathan and it's a brand new lipstick stolen from mommy's purse. oil based pigment.