Sunday, July 13, 2008

Enlightened? Check. Illuminated? Got it.

My father, who tries really hard to be serious -but can't, would come home from work every day tired and ready to "chill". We would ask him, "Hi Dad - How was your day?"
The response was always the same:
"It was a day like any other day, which enlightened and illuminated our times."
We would laugh despite not understanding the meaning.

Today typified a Sunday for us...
I woke up at 6:30 to take a shower, feed the cats, prepare for the girls.
Girls wake up at 7am.
We eat breakfast and prepare to go "bye-bye".
The Hubby and I take the girls to one of our area memberships (zoo, museums, whatnot).
Today we went to the Children's Museum. The girls ran around like maniacs trying to see and touch everything, which is perfectly acceptable in the Children's Museum.
We eat at a kid friendly restaurant... today's choice was Luby's (hey... you can't knock the booster seats on wheels and immediate food)
We put the girls down for a nap.
When they get up we run to the store... Target was the choice today.
We get home and eat... today's dinner was strawberry pancakes made by The Hubby (his new specialty)
Bath, play and bed for kids. Play time included 4 rounds of "Baby Bumble Bee" - a stinging rendition prepared by me.
The Hubby and I run around the house and clean as much as possible before we start our week.
I'm updating my blog and running an imagery script in the background for a current project.
Once I'm done, we'll watch a little TV (tonight's selection is a Jack Black movie) and I'll crash.

Boring? Probably.
It was just a day like any other day.

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