Saturday, July 12, 2008

Independence and Dependence

A few quick highlights:

  • Ana loves to feed Keira little snacks. Very cute.
  • Keira can't say her name, yet... she calls herself "Ahwah".
  • Ana can say Keira.
  • 4th of July was awesome. We went to Stacia's house for burgers and cousin watching. The girls LOVE to watch their cousins play.
  • K.T. was here on the 5th. We went to the Aquarium (awesome) and back to the Cuipers. Awesome day. Felt rushed. It always does when K.T. is here. The girls napped in the front room while we chatted and looked at the renovations. Awesome day.
  • Today was the Multiples Splash party at Moody Gardens. Wow - what fun! We played in water for a few hours before we came home and crashed. The whole family napped.

More details to come... just wanted to replay the last week.
The Hubby went to the Symphony tonight.

Symphony update:
The other day The Hubby and I took the girls to the science museum. The Hubby really, really wanted the girls to play on the giant hill that is part of the Miller Outdoor Theater. We walked up the hill and saw the sign for the Symphony... could they be just getting ready for the 4th? Nope - they were rehearsing! It was the best day to go - there were a ton of old friends playing sub and offstage positions. We wandered down to the front during a break. Theresa was there with the biggest smile. We were able to chat with Steve, Alan, Dave, Phillip, Nancy and a few random trumpet players. It was really wonderful to see everyone. I think it was great for The Hubby to chat for awhile and see the rehearsal. It was nice for me, too. I think we both walked towards the museum rejuvinated a little despite the heat. We are ready for The Hubby to go back to work, but we are still appreciating the time we're able to spend as a family.
This July 4th is the only Independence Day we will be able to spend as a family until The Hubby retires.

More photos and updates to come... including a retrospective of all of the idiots tell me I have my hands full with twins.

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