Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ana :: 20 months

Ana has developed the "little mommy" personality (which is funny that people say that, since The Hubby is just as loving and attentive as any mommy...)

Favorite activities: She carries her "babies" everywhere. Every moment of her day is spent making sure that she has one stuffed animal or another in her arms. She feeds her babies or wraps them in blankets over and over and over. "Where da baby? Oh, hi baby. Hi baby."
She also loves the pool and hanging from anything. She is our little monkey.

Favorite clothes: She still LOVES the monkey shirt that Auntie Didi bought. She pulls at all other clothes ("Off! OFF!") and asks us to put the monkey shirt on. (We bought another monkey shirt as a backup)

Favorite food: Pasta, bread, sweet potato pancakes

Favorite drink: Milk

Least favorite activity: Brushing her teeth. This is a nightly activity that pains everyone involved.

Least favorite clothes: If it isn't the monkey shirt, you better check yourself.

Least favorite food: Yogurt

Least favorite drink: Drinkable yogurt.

Funny facts about Ana: She will hug us really, really tightly (think Koala) when she doesn't want to do something. She walks with one arm swinging higher than another. She likes to hum and squeel.

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