Sunday, June 1, 2008

They mostly go out at night. Mostly.

Another week has come and gone.
Both girls are getting their back teeth in... so, they've been a little (a LOT) fussy. A lesser mother would say they were a pill. They're a pill.
I laugh because I've been out of sorts this week. So often you can't feel change. I can feel the change this week. Each girl is growing so much. Putting sentences together, getting teeth and seeing "2" in their future.
The Hubby and I went out for our 11 year anniversary and left the girls at home with my sister (who I am so thankful for). It was a milestone for me - not the girls. Last night was the first NIGHT that Hubby and I went away from the house. Silly, but true none-the-less.
I wanted to yell to the world (oh, constant reader) that my girls are growing up and I'm not ready... but mostly... mostly I wanted to share this video.

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Wart said...

THAT, is perfect.