Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Close, but not the Borg

This morning I asked Ana to say "hi" to Keira.
I asked her to say "hi" to her sister.
"Hi Sister, " she repeated. Keira looked at her with a loving smile and said, "ANA!"
These are the happy moments all moms want... but they are especially meaningful for a parent of multiples who wonders if their kids will be close. Beyond close. Inseparable?

I'm often asked if they have the "twin bond" or share ESP or something crazy.
Actually, for awhile I wondered if they knew each other existed. They were very polite to not fuss if the other one was upset, but they themselves didn't seem particularly bothered if their twin was having a massive meltdown. They eventually noticed each other.

A few months ago we wondered allowed if they knew that they were two separate people. They called each other "Ana" and seemed genuinely confused when I asked them to point to Keira. In fact... they still don't seem to get that...

They became the collective. Not a "1 of 2" kind of thing... more of a 1 year old lack of understanding of other people kind of thing. I think. I am comforted and distracted by the collective of Ana. They spend their days calling each other Ana and asking for things for Ana. It is really all about Ana-the-collective. Who's milk is this? Ana.

I realized how close they were getting the other day when Mark and Kate came to visit. Ana slept late, which is unusual. We brought Keira downstairs to play. When she woke up, Ana was just distraught. She was looking in Keira's crib and crying hysterically. She was scared to death that Keira wasn't there.

Tonight The Hubby and I listened as they babbled in their cribs way past their bedtime. We can recognize each voice. Who is gurgling? Ana. Who is trying to learn to gurgle? Keira. What are they becoming? The collective, I'm sure. Ana.
I hope they always have this bond. And I hope they go to bed soon and stop gurgling.

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