Thursday, June 5, 2008

Keira :: 20 months

Keira is our friendly child. She will share everything with anyone (unlike most toddlers her age). If Ana wants Keira's toy/milk/anything, Keira will hand it right over with a "THAN TO!" (translated "Thank You")

Favorite activities: Watching "Signing Time" and pretending like she is doing sign language, taking a bath or playing with the airplane toys. (Going "bye-bye" is also big)

Favorite clothes: She doesn't care about clothes, but she does love jewelry. She is a big fan of earrings.

Favorite foods: Keira is such a good eater. She will eat almost anything you put in front of her. I would have to say that her favorite foods are fruits. She will beg for more cherries or strawberries. She also loves yogurt.

Favorite drink: Drinkable yogurt.

Least favorite activities: She hates to be put down when you're holding her. She just melts sometimes.

Least favorite clothes: She doesn't really care.

Least favorite foods: I can't think of anything she dislikes...

Least favorite drink: ... again... a blank.

Funny facts about Keira: She loves to suck her thumb and rub her neck when she is tired. She always says, "essyboo" and we have no idea what it means... we'll have to ask when she gets older. She has a funny nervous laugh when she is very tired or about to melt down.

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